You need the services of a locksmith when:

  • You get locked out of your vehicle. We can get you into your vehicle and on your way to your destination.
  • You lose your car keys. You can avoid potential car theft; whoever has your keys may use them for their malicious intent.
  • Your key got stuck in the ignition. We can extract the key safely or repair the ignition when necessary.
  • You need to have a spare key made.  

Call us right away at (714) 874-8444 if you are located in the Orange County area. We are able to rekey your vehicle to avoid the possible use of the old keys by whomever may have found them to steal your car or your belongings inside.

Auto Locksmith Near Me – Locksmith Anaheim specializes in all vehicle key issues including keys/ key fobs for cars, trucks, CVs, SUVs, etc.   

You may be a new business owner who wants to secure your business premises through high-security lock systems. You may also want to upgrade your dated locks to newer electronic locks that allow you to control who can access certain parts of your building. If you own an apartment complex or a hotel, you may want to upgrade your system to have keyless entries. Of course, we also assist with the occasional lockouts, key duplications, key replacement, and regular fittings, repairs, and replacement of locks in your commercial space.

We are experts in installing all types of locks from simple bathroom stall locks and filing cabinet locks to more complex locks like safe box locks, digital code locks, keyless entry lock systems, biometric locks, master key systems, and key card access locks. We also install all types of high-security lock systems.

Here at Auto Locksmith Near Me – Locksmith Anaheim, all our commercial locksmiths are fully trained and highly qualified in their field. They have extensive experience providing lock-related solutions to a wide number of businesses and commercial premises. Expect a warm, friendly, prompt, and professional response when you hire us to fit, replace, or repair your commercial locks.

There are a lot of instances when you’ll need our help to solve your lock problems in your home. We respond to a variety of circumstances such as when you’re locked out of your home, your keys break inside the lock, or you want your keys replaced or duplicated. You can also utilize our service when you just moved into a new home, or your home recently got burgled and you want to replace all locks and upgrade your security system.

Homes have a variety of different locks, from simple bedroom locks to heavy deadbolts and a range of security lock systems. We are highly skilled in dealing with all types of locks.

Typically, we can repair simple door locks, patio door locks, and front door locks. Our expert locksmiths can easily assess the damage in your locks to know if the lock can be repaired or needs to be replaced.

We consider a vehicle key problem an emergency when it requires immediate action. Being locked out or having your car key stuck in your ignition can create a risk of car theft or frustration about missed commitments.        

It could be both risky and expensive asking a non-professional for a critical service such as opening your locked car door. It could result in damages to your vehicle and you may end up making the situation worse. There is no guarantee that you will get the immediate solution you expect when receiving assistance from a non-licensed locksmith. 

Bringing your vehicle to us for a checkup at the first instance you experience difficulty opening your vehicle or switching your ignition can help prevent future issues. It is also good practice to have access to a spare key for emergency situations.